About Us


Welcome to Boy Scout Troop 121 

 Troop 121 is part of the "Rockland district" "Hudson Valley Council" and has been sponsored by the "Greenwood Lake Elks BPOE Lodge 2067" since 1983.    

               Our meeting place has changed over the years to keep pace with our growth.  We presently meet on Thursday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 PM at the Greenwood Lake ELKS.  During the warmer months we meet at Camp Hartman. However in past we have met in log cabins, the Holy Rosary church basement, and even a chicken coop. 

     We currently have a broad range of ages registered and a large cross section of leadership that help provides a robust and varied program for the Scouts. As much as possible we run a boy run troop providing leadership experience for the scouts.


     Troop 121 goes camping approximately once a month. Sample campouts;

  • Cross Country Skiing Camput
  • Klondike Camporee Camp Bullowa
  • Arctic Camping
  • Back Packing Campout
  • Wild Cat Shelter/Campout (Appalachian Trail)
  • Canoe Campout
  • Summer Camp is the 4th week of camp - end of July
  • Family Campout - Camp Hartman 

   The troop attends most council supported Camporees and Freezorees. These are weekend campouts at local parks, and camps that are held 3 times a year (Spring Fall and Winter).They are sponsored by council and are generally Run by Troop or District people.  

   Troop 121 also schedules many other camping and outdoor activities throughout the year such as the camping at the Wild Cat Shelter on the Appalachian Trail, cross country ski trips, canoe trips, hiking in Sterling Forest, and others.


   Troop 121 has had a great history of providing a lot of service to the community and a great program for the scout age boys that have joined our troop. We have completed many eagle projects to improve the village and surrounding community.

Troop 121 is the official maintainer for the Wild Cat Shelter on the Appalachian Trail for the Appalachian Trail commission.

Some of the service projects that troop 121 was involved in:

  • Eagle projects - Trail Conference Kiosks, Police Memorial, Creekside Lean-tos.
  • Helping to stock shelves at the food pantry when deliveries come in.
  • Flag Ceremonies
  • Cemetary Clean-up
  • Trail Clean-ups


Troop 121 will continue to provide a Boy Scouting based program to provide scout aged boys with a fun program to allow boys to mature and develop leader ship skills in a safe environment. We will continue to support our community and it various institutions as much as possible giving our scouts an opportunity to develop good citizenship habits. We will continue to provide as many safe fun activities as possible. Some of the activities we are planning are;

  • Participate in district and council activities (Camporees, Freezorees, Klondike derbies, etc.)
  • Winter Camping in our troop Artic Tents
  • Annual summer camp program
  • Many other scout oriented activities


 Greenwood lake Troop121 was formed in 1933 by Wilbur Christman. He was the first Scoutmaster and remained until 1943.

According to Wilbur who used to attend our eagle ceremonies until his death, the troop had a red pickup truck that they referred to as their fire truck. When the fire alarm was sounded, the scouts would respond and help the Firemen. This was stopped when one of the scouts was seen on a roof trying to help. When a couple of scouts used the truck to go to the movies in Warwick the truck was discontinued.

According to Marcellus Brown who was Scoutmaster between 1962 and 1963 the troop at that time was holding their meetings in a fixed up chicken coop. At that time the log cabin across from old ambulance building was donated to the troop for their meetings with the provision that they maintained the building. The building was later returned to the donor because the troop could not maintain it.

In 1981 both Troop 121 and Pack 121 was being chartered by the Holy Rosary church. In1983 The troop charter was transferred to the Greenwood Lake Elks in order to obtain better meeting facilities. The pack charter was later transferred to the Grace Lutheran Church at the request of the priest because the church facilities were not being used. The pack went to the Lutheran church rather than to the Elks at the request of one of the committee members who was a member of the church.  Since that time, many young men have had the rewarding experience of learning skills, enjoying fellowship and gaining knowledge that has assisted them in becoming leaders in our community. Over the years troop 121 has always worked very closely with the pack providing leadership backup and planning when needed, providing den chiefs, providing a pinewood derby track and scouts to help run the derby, setting up monkey bridges and other activities at cub scout picnics, participating in crossover ceremonies and blue and gold dinners, hosting Webelos at troop camping events, providing equipment and program help for pack and den activities, in general helping the pack any way we could. 

In 1996 Troop 121 staffed the Ski-O-Ree at Sterling Forest (a weekend overnight camping event including skiing on Saturday) with most scouts earning their winter sports merit badge.

1988 - 1990 Troop 121 participated in BSA National Scouting for Food drives collecting very large amounts of food that was donated to the food pantry. Around that time the troop also collected large amounts of news paper that was then taken to the recycler to raise money for camping equiptment. 

In 2000 Troop 121 ran and staffed the Ski-O-Ree at Sterling Forest. The temperature on Saturday morning was -4 degrees and every bodystayed warm. (Well at least we didn't have any hypothermia and no one had to leave because of the cold.)




  • BILL DICKMAN (1943-1949)
  • JOHN MILLER (1949-1954)
  • ED SCHRADIN (1954-1960)
  • MARCELLUS BROWN (1962-1963)
  • DAVID HAYES (1976-1977)
  • JOSEPH RAMPE (1977)
  • DAVID HAYES (1977-1980)
  • PETE WILSTROM (1980-1981)
  • HAROLD HARTMAN (1981-1984)
  • RAY UZINSKI (1984-1985)
  • HAROLD HARTMAN (1985-1987)
  • CHUCK DOWD (1987-1988)
  • JIM CLIFFORD (1989-1992)
  • BOB DZIOBKOWSKI (1993-1997)
  • WALTER ANDREWS (1998-2015)
  • RICH BRENNAN (2015-Present)


    • KIMBALL HUNTER (1941)
    • ARTHUR MANN (1942)
    • ROBERT RANDALL (1942)
    • ARTEMAS BEATTIE (1944)
    • DICK TRUMPER (1954)
    • WESLEY DICKMANN (1954)
    • DAVID MILLER (1954)
    • JAY MILLER (1954)
    • ED SCHRADIN (1954)
    • ADRIAN KELLEY JR. (1987)
    • DAVID HARTMAN (1988)
    • ROBERT CHOCALLO (1990)
    • DAVID ROSS (1997)
    • JOE DZIOBKOWSKI (1998)
    • BRIAN WILSON (2001)
    • MATTHEW HUNTER (2002)
    • JOEL LOBEL (2003)
    • DANNY ANDREWS (2003)
    • KARL KLASTOW (2004)
    • RONNIE MELLO (2005)
    • JONATHAN MCHUGH (2005)
    •  PHILIP DREYHAUPT (2005)
    • JAMES TOBIN (2006)
    • PAUL BARESEL (2006)
    • PAUL NORRIS, JR (2006)
    • MICHAEL PUZIO (2008)
    • OLIVER NOLL (2008)
    • ROBERT WHYTOCK, JR (2008)
    • JOSEPH PESANTE (2008)
    • JOHN COLLINS, JR (2008)
    • WILLIAM BRUNNER (2009)
    • NICHOLAS A. MELLO (2009)
    • JAMES KETTERER (2009)
    • MICHAEL TOBIN (2009
    • THOMAS PRIEST (2010)
    • BRIAN CAMPAGANA (2010)
    • MATHEW SCOTT (2010)
    • GREGORY BRUNNER (2010)
    • ALEC WILLIAMS (2010)
    • WILL DELAHANTY (2012)
    • AUSTIN MATTHEWS (2013)
    • DAN STACHELEK (2014)
    • ETHAN WILLIAMS (2015)
    • JOSEPH TOBIN (2016)
    • DANIEL CAMPAGNA (2016)
    • VINCENT CARNEY (2018)
    • DANE SORENSON (2018)
    • THOMAS GARDNER (2018)
    • JACOB BECHER (2019)
    • CAMERON JACOBS (2019)
    • NICOLAS COLBAN (2019)
    • MATTHEW SZKLANY (2019)
    • LIAM CARNEY (2020)
    • ROBERT SZKLANY (2020)
    • SEAN SCULLY (2020)
    • KEVIN HOLDER (2020)
    • CONNOR BRENNAN (2022)
    • FRANCISCO VELEZ (2022)